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Do you need a Membership Website with the ability to transact a one-off or recurring monthly or annual membership? How about an inbuilt forum which will allow your members to connect and communicate with one another privately? What about the ability for them to access events or online learning? eScalent Membership Websites enable you to do just that!...and more..

Main Features of eScalent Membership Websites

The Membership Websites provided by eScalent offers various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Some of the main features are given below.

  • Registration Features

    You can allow users to be auto-approved, require email activation or be manually approved by the admin and then redirect them to their profile or to a custom url.

  • User Roles

    You can add a role selector field to the register form so users can select the role they want before they register and you can also assign a default user role when users sign up on your site.

  • Login Form

    The login form is fully customizable and comes with an anti-spam protection and a 'forgot password' link which will take users to the password reset form if they have forgotten their password.

  • User Profiles

    The user profiles are fully customizable so you can give your profiles a unique look including elements like profile photo, profile bio, site display name, changing the cover photo aspect ratio, profile photo shape and much more.

  • Member Directories

    Allow users to find each other with ease using our advanced member directories with filters to display certain roles; profiles only with photos; newest users first; oldest users first; first name; last name; etc and much more.

  • Access Control

    Access control enable you to restrict access to your site both globally and on a per/page post basis with additional ability to redirect the urls based on rules list.

  • Custom Fields

    We provide a range of form field types that will allow you to collect a wide range of data from users. You can apply conditional logic to any field to make them show/hide depending on a user’s action on a form.

  • Events

    Promote events on your website for members and non members. Offline events can be a great way to compliment your online revenue.

  • Mobile Responsive

    The layout and design of your website will automatically work on all devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops. No need to create a separate mobile site, your site will work great across all types of screens.

  • Emails

    We provides customized emails for each email that can be sent to users after a certain event/trigger happens. The events could be like: Account welcome email; Account activation email; Pending review email; Account approved email; Account rejected email; Account deactivated email; Account deleted email; Password reset email etc.

  • Navigation Menu Visibility

    Our conditional menu feature allows you to display different menu links depending on who is viewing your site.

  • Friends Network

    With the 'friends' feature, you can increase user interaction on your site by allowing users to become friends by sending & accepting/rejecting friend requests.

  • Verified Users

    We can add a user verification system to your site, so users can request verification and be manually verified by site admin.

  • Social Activity

    Increase engagement and allow users to interact with each other by adding an activity system to your site where users can create posts on their wall and see what other users are up to on your site.

  • eCommerce Capability

    Add eCommerce capability to your membership site to enable members to selectively buy and sell designated items through the site.

  • Social Login

    The social login feature allows users to easily register/login to your site using their social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

  • Forums

    Open up discussions with your members to interact with each other in a safe environment.

  • Reports

    Real time reports allow you to understand more about your member's activity on your website, from downloads, logins and impending expiration.

Membership Websites - Frameworks & Tools We Use

The CRM solution provided by eScalent, offers various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Depending upon actual requirements, we consider use of one of the multiple framework options to deploy your solution.


Deployment Options


eScalent Services

  • Website Goal Setting
  • Membership Process Mapping
  • UI / UX Design Implementation
  • Website Setup and Hosting
  • On-Site / On-Page SEO
  • Member Features Management
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Website Integrations
  • Website Support Services


CRM can extend your reach and productivity. The Typical Integrations you may require are:

  • Member Forms to CRM
  • Member Site to Payment Gateways
  • HelpDesk to Member Site
  • CRM to Member Site
  • Chat Engine to Member Site

Pls write to us for your specific needs!

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