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In a brick-and-mortar enterprise,  customers can see a product, touch it, and try it on. With the evolution of the eCommerce site, it’s easy for people to find exactly what they want, and get it delivered right to their home, but how do you make sure that your product is exactly what they want? Well, much like a physical store, it all comes down to the functionality of your eCommerce site, your online store. We deliver eCommerce sites that bring you closest possible to the retail experience!

eCommerce Websites - Main Features

The eCommerce websites provided by eScalent, offer various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Some of the main features are given below.

  • Descriptive product names

    Descriptive & unique product names give more clarity to the customer as well as boost search engine optimization for your eCommerce website.

  • Call to Action (CTA) Button

    The CTA on product pages affects the decision-making of the customer through its size, color and text. We pay significant attention to optimizing all these aspects.

  • Appearance of the price tag

    We understand and ensure that the product name, price and CTA should form a kind of visual hierarchy so that the act of buying flows seamlessly in the mind of the customer.

  • Great Product Images

    Our emphasis on Product Images ensures a huge impact on the usability and overall UX of the website as well as increasing conversions and sales. 

  • Optimized product description

    Keeping product descriptions short, and ensuring the inclusion of important keywords, helps us to rank pages better in search engine rankings

  • Product Size Selector

    For people across the globe, the definition of small, large, extra large varies. Give them a size selector along with a size guide that will tell them the measurements in inches and centimeters.

  • Product Reviews & Testimonials

    We help implement a system for product reviews and testimonials that help increase conversions and renders transparency and credibility to online businesses.

  • Option to buy later

    ‘Add to Wish List’ option is particularly helpful in case of indecisive customers who are evaluating your product. This option gives them the flexibility to ‘bookmark’ the product to which they can return later.

  • Cost savings indicator

    We recommend increasing your conversions by adding the savings indicator showing the original price along with the discounted price. 

  • Cross-selling & up-selling options

    We urge our customers to help users explore and purchase related products. One way to achieve this is to provide good options for up-selling and cross-selling on the product pages. 

  • Social media integration

    We integrate social media to by adding social media buttons providing the friends/followers with social proof, which may result in increased purchases of the same item. 

  • Delivery & Returns Information

    Posting the total cost on the product page eliminates the surprise of a high shipping cost and also lets the customer factor in the total cost before adding the product to the cart. Our design provides relevant information on the product page.

  • Live Chat Widget

    Often times, people have questions that may not have been answered in the product description or in the customer reviews. Our live chat widget helps you to answer customer queries promptly, resulting in better conversions.

eCommerce Websites - Frameworks & Tools

The eCommerce websites provided by eScalent, offers various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Depending upon actual requirements, we consider use of one of the multiple framework options to deploy your solution.


E-Commerce Website Deployment


eScalent Services

  • Website Goal Setting
  • eCommerce Process Mapping
  • UI / UX Design Implementation
  • Website Setup and Hosting
  • On-Site / On-Page SEO
  • eCommerce Content Management
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Website Integrations
  • Website Support Services

E-Commerce Website Integrations

CRM can extend your reach and productivity. The Typical Integrations you may require are:

  • eCommerce Forms to CRM
  • eCommerce Site to Payment Gateways
  • HelpDesk to eCommerce Site
  • ERP to eCommerce Site

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