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Document Management

eScalent's Document Management Solution (DMS) allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.


Document Management Main Features

The Document Management Solution provided by eScalent, offers various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Some of the main features are given below.

Document Search

Search and retrieve documents instantly using integrated document search technology.

Document Storage

Stop wasting time with inefficient file folders and start finding your documents the easy way.

Document Indexing

Quickly index or tag the documents with metadata for faster and efficient retrieval.

Scanning & Capture

Scan your organization's paper records using the completely browser based scanning and capture module.

Access Control

Robust and flexible document security adds confidence that all information in repositories is secure and accessible only to those who are authorized.

Version Control

This feature ensures that you always have access to the latest and most updated version of a document.

Document Sharing

Save money and time by simply sharing the document using built-in document sharing capabilities.

Automated Workflow

Workflow automates document-centric processes, improving efficiency and repeatability of operations.

Document Ratings

Gives users an option to rate a document, so that all the people interested in a specific topic will be able to note what documents are preferred by the user's community.

Messaging System

Users can use simple messaging system which is built into the system. Use @username to send messages to specific user and receive instant responses.

Bulk Upload Documents

Upload multiple documents by just dragging and dropping document to a drop spot defined for a particular document class.

Document Viewer

Use the in-built Document Viewer to view your industry-standard file (document) formats directly in the web browser.

Mark-up & Annotations

View, annotate, highlight, and blackout the content of most of industry-standard document file formats directly from with-in the standard web browser.

Subscriptions & Notifications

Subscribe to Document Classes of interest to receive automatic notification via email in case of any modifications or specified event occurs.

Task Lists

Use the tasks list to assign a task to a member of your team, specify its due date and priority, and indicate its status and progress.

Events List

Use an events list to post information about dates that are important for your team.

Announcement Lists

Use an announcements list to post news, status, etc. that you want to share with your team members.

Discussion Boards

Discussion boards provide a forum for conversing about topics that interest your team.

Recycle Bin

Our Document Management System is equipped with Recycle Bin features. Administrators can easily view and restore the documents deleted by any user in a single click.

Detailed Audit Reports

At any time, system administrators can review comprehensive system audit reports containing precise and detailed information about all domain activity and resource usage.

Frameworks we use

The CRM solution provided by eScalent, offers various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Depending upon actual requirements, we consider use of one of the multiple framework options to deploy your solution.


DMS Deployment Options


eScalent Services

  • DMS Process Consulting
  • Document Process Gap Analysis
  • DMS Framework Setup and Hosting
  • DMS Reports and Customizations
  • DMS Repository Migration
  • DMS Integrations
  • DMS Admin & User Training
  • DMS & Scanning Support Services

DMS Integrations

DMS can extend your reach and productivity. The Typical Integrations you may require are:

  • Website attachments to DMS
  • eCommerce Catalogs to DMS
  • HelpDesk to CRM
  • ERP to DMS

Pls write to us for your specific needs!

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