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Corporate Websites

A Corporate Website is the online gateway to a company's storytelling. It is the most used source of information for a huge variety of stakeholders – from investors to analysts and job seekers to business partners. Our site designs help businesses to use the web to communicate their missions, drive sales-ready opportunities, demonstrate thought-leadership and engage multiple stakeholders.


Corporate Websites - Main Features

The Corporate Websites provided by eScalent, offer various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Some of the main features are given below.

  • Our Corporate Website design has a purpose

    eScalent's Corporate Website design approach embodies the intersection of design, technology, content, and marketing.

  • We understand spaces

    We use spaces to create a focal point for the users. We exploit the fact that space is not always white.

  • We take navigation seriously

    A good navigation experience is what sets a corporate website apart from the rest. When designing your navigation points, we make sure that your layout of each section is where it’s easy to find.

  • 'About Us' is actually about more

    We always ensure that businesses tell users who they are. A crisp 'About Us' page serves as a gateway to critical pages including social media profiles.

  • Your website is your gateway to action

    Your website is the gateway to an action – make a sale, provide information, gather contact information. To ensure this, we design suitable calls to action prompts with effective spaces.

  • Our footer design can win you business

    Your website footer design can connect to your audience with a wealth of information without getting in the way of the design.

  • Harness The Mighty Power Of SEO

    Our corporate website design incorporates on-page SEO, making sure that your content and images are all aligned with the keywords, metadata, and H1 and H2 tags on your site.

  • We provide fully responsive websites

    With technology and smartphones being the forefront of the world, we ensure that your website is optimized to be multi-device friendly.

  • We execute a good content strategy

    A good content strategy is key to ensuring your website not only works effectively, but is relevant to your audience. We emphasize on crisp and clear content meant for your audience.

  • We ensure speedy websites

    Slow loading pages can cause frustration for your visitors resulting in them searching elsewhere for what they’re looking for. We pay special attention to page speeds to ensure that your website gets the attention it deserves.

  • We provide a content management back-end

    We provide a comprehensive CMS bring benefits like reducing the technical barriers of adding content, allowing more people to add and edit content, facilitating faster updates, and allowing greater control.

  • We provide the breadcrumb advantage

    We provide a “breadcrumb” secondary navigation scheme that reduces the clicks, a website visitor needs to take, in order to get to a higher-level page, thus improving the access to website sections and pages.

  • 404 Error Page Design

    Our effective 404 page design can make a random visitor stay on your website, take a look around and eventually find the information he or she was looking for in the first place. It communicates why a particular page couldn’t be displayed and what users can do next.

Corporate Websites - Frameworks & Tools

The Corporate Websites provided by eScalent, offers various features with immense flexibility for customization and integrations. Depending upon actual requirements, we consider use of one of the multiple framework options to deploy your solution.


Deployment Options


eScalent Services

  • Website Goal Setting
  • Website Process Mapping
  • UI / UX Design Implementation
  • Website Setup and Hosting
  • On-Site / On-Page SEO
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Website Integrations
  • Website Support Services


Websites extend your reach and productivity. The Typical Integrations you may require are:

  • Website Forms to CRM
  • Website to Chat Solutions
  • Website to Help Desks
  • Website to Marketing Solutions

Pls write to us for your specific needs!

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