Blog – Managing Digital Transformation Initiatives

In the recent years, the world is transforming digitally faster than organizations can adjust to, and the gap may be growing. To continue improving capability for change, organizations and leaders should focus their efforts in several areas including operations and digital interface automation. Firstly, they must create a sense of internal urgency. Employers and employees…

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Blog – eScalent’s Approach to Web Design

Usability and the utility for the website visitor determines the success of a website. User-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. Being user-centric means that we need to understand how users interact with websites and their behavior on the website. Users normally glance at each new page, scan some of the…

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Blog – The ERP Initiative

We receive Requests for Proposals (RFP) from companies that are in the market for ERP systems. Usually the ERP RFP has many questions to be answered, some so broad that it could be answered in a several different ways, some very technical and some so vague that the answer doesn’t matter anyway. Why do companies…

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