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We’re a deeply experienced digital agency, headquartered in Pune, helping businesses to design and build beautiful, lasting digital experiences for their brands and IP, via fully scalable, seamlessly integrated websites and interactive experiences for their customers.

Your customers connect with your company and they expect consistent, rewarding experiences at every touch-point. It could be your website, application portal, mobile app or help-desk system or more. This presents new opportunities for creating more lasting, more meaningful relationships. At eScalent, we craft solutions that help you attract, engage, and serve your customers at these touch-points.

Websites & Portals

Websites & Portals are the online gateways to a company's storytelling. They are often the most used source of information and engagement for a huge variety of stakeholders – from prospects to customers, investors to analysts and job seekers to business partners.

For your brand thrive online, your website needs to be smart, flexible, and future-proof — with the right balance of brilliant design and clean functionality. eScalent builds beautiful websites that will achieve your goals today while also setting you up for long-term success.

CONTENT Services

You can launch a website design to make your competitors quake. But to rise above the masses, the content that brings your online footprint to life needs to be powerfully persuasive. In the tangle of online content, what are the right words in the right places that will deliver good quality leads your way?

Our goal is to give you a full life cycle management of content services from creation to digital storage to full CMS or ecommerce catalog management with a common information architecture. Let us work that out for you. You have a business to run!

Website Redesign

Is your current website preventing you from meeting your online marketing goals? With digital technology and marketing methods evolving at a rapid pace, having an outdated website can have a negative impact on your brand and revenues.

We often hear from businesses we consult with - “Do I need a website redesign?” or, if we recommend a redesign, “Why do I need to redesign my website?” Trust eScalent to determine whether your website just needs a quick design and structure update or a full redesign, build, and CMS migration.

Website Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance Service manages the technical upkeep and ease the more tedious and risky aspects of maintaining your website – allowing you to focus on delivering great content and services.

eScalent focuses on keeping your website fast, secure, and updated. Your potential buyers or followers visit your website to assess your credibility and whether you’re worthy of their time and money. Don’t lose out to your competition because of a broken, unstable, and/or vulnerable website. If you have a non - WordPress site we have a special offer for you!

SEO Services

eScalent combines its expertise on WordPress Platform with awesome SEO methods to offer innovative SEO solutions to keep your business website on the top ranks of specific search results.

We tune our SEO plans to suit your needs - Local SEO for local positioning, Global SEO for International Markets, E-Commerce SEO for a specific conversion analysis and recommendations and Social SEO for driving traffic to your website through Social Activity and Content Seeding. With a visible improvement in your Landing Page traffic, eScalent is committed to take your business to the next level of success.

Custom Solutions

Your customers connect with your company and through many channels. They could visit your website for information or for purchasing your products or services. They could raise a support ticket through your help-desk system. Their interface with your organization at multiple points presents new opportunities for creating more lasting, more meaningful relationships.

A good customer experience enhances your brand value and helps in attracting, growing, and keeping your customer base with the right push for your brand value.

Hosting Services

We understand that to achieve your vision you need a partner to provide a technological advantage and a get-it-done attitude. Our Customers have the option to choose a suitable hosting service provider of their own choice (under our competitive guidance) or allow eScalent to host their site on their own hosting platform with full support. 


Every Website or Application needs full support immediately after handover. You may need slight changes in layouts, content edits or new graphics. eScalent offers three (3) months free extended support after the handover of your project. Our annual maintenance plans will start thereafter. For details on our plans, you may visit here. For any specific requirements, contact us for an appropriate quote.

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We love to partner with companies to design and build beautiful, lasting digital experiences and customers journeys for their brands and IP. Let us know if you’ve got a project you’re interested in exploring.

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